Perth Boat Jetties

Popular jetties – departure and return points in Perth WA

If you are hiring a charter boat in Perth WA, then the chances are that you will be leaving from one of our top Perth boat jetties.  Remember, most charter boats are berthed in Fremantle (about 95% of all boats are based near there) and for that reason, it is generally cheaper to depart from the Fremantle where there are two very popular choices: the Sardine Jetty in Fishing Boat Harbour (near Little Creatures) or the East Street Jetty (about 500 metres away from the Left Bank Pub).

You can go from the city (ie the Barrack Street Jetty), but you may be charged a small surcharge to cover the boat’s extra traveling time and staff costs, as they will be on the water for three hours extra, travelling to and from the city.

Here are the top Perth Boat Jetties to chose from:


BlueSun2 has listed the most popular of all the jetties used by charter boats in Perth, WA. If you are uncertain about which one to use for your boat hire or boat charter, then please contact us and we’ll give you the best recommendations for your boat cruise.

A few other important points to note:

  • Charter boat operators are allowed to use public jetties.
  • Out of respect to other users, charter boats follow an industry protocol and will try not to stay on a public jetty longer than about 15 minutes. This should give you time to load up your guests, food and drink and depart.
  • Alcoholic beverages are not allowed to be drunk in public places, including the jetties. Violators can be fined for street drinking and law enforcement officers do police the jetties, many of which have security cameras!
Barrack Street Jetty
East Street Jetty
Sardine Jetty
Mosman Jetty
Mosman Park